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Hotel Yield / Revenue Management
Yield Management training
Hotel Yield Management Consultancy
Hotel Revenue Management
Yield Commitment
Benefit from effective information for decision making, identify
and turn new sales opportunities into profitability enhancement

Our four "Yield Commitment Programme" modules are focussed to improve revenues and increase the benefits within the hospitality industry

Audit - Training - Coaching and consulting phases are especially designed to improve weaknesses and enhance strengths. This unique combination ensures a fully operational progress of the Project

Before you make an investment in the programme please note that its average impact on your turnover is an increase from 3% to 7% and that the average return on investment is from 300% to 3000% and more depending on the capacity and the turnover
Revenue Management Diagram  
Increase your hotel revenue, your revPAR and your GOP through Inventory, Rate and Yield Management techniques

Revenue Management Diagram
Yield Management process  
Answer the needs of your actual and future guests, challenge your competitors, get the best revPAR at the minimum cost and consequently increase your benefits

Make the maximum profit from the market, by applying a dynamic pricing and inventory control

Better make decisions for the present and anticipate the future, answering questions such as: What is the optimal inventory configuration ? - What is the demand by segment ? - What is the real availability ? - What rate should be applicable ? - What are the booking limits for that day ?



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